Another exciting collaboration has brought two upcoming Trance powerhouses to an explosive display of talent and musical ability. Scotland’s own Nick Callaghan has quite the history behind him, as his works with longtime friend and exceptional producer Will Atkinson have produced some of the greatest, (and most iconic), remixes and Originals through the latest years of Trance. Not one to shy away from his own career, his single such as Here Today, Gone Tomorrow and his remix to Calvin Logue‘s Helter Skelter combine both euphoric melodies and gritty, razor bladed sounds to a fantastic display of blended styles, which results in a fast paced, quick changing style of music that has been rampantly become popular throughout the years. Second Sine, on the other hand, is another upcoming producer who has been getting noticed by a number of big time producers. In this year alone, his unreleased single of White House and his remix to Chris Voro‘s Makishima has been recognized by industry giants such as Bryan Kearney, Simon Patterson, Jordan Suckley and John Askew. Their combined sounds brings forth their brand new collaboration entitled Make Me Human, (which is also Second Sine‘s first collaboration). With earthquaking beats and powerful melodies, it is a hodge podge of styles that has listeners experience a whole slew of emotions within a short five minute time span.



Beginning with a cheeky vocal sample from D-Addiction‘s Psy Trance single, WTF; (What the), Make Me Human pulls into a clean and rigorously strict section with clear cut orchestration and definitive control over all aspects of production. Featuring sub smashing basskicks, crushing basslines and a multitude of harmonic interludes, it combines energy driven beats with many different cuts of technical skill with a slight nod towards Jordan Suckley‘s Tech Trance style. With the addition of the iconic bass sound of Simon Patterson‘s Bulldozer, it implements a highly futuristic vocal for a splash of timbral variety, (a la Iron Man), as it quickly transitions to the second half of the track. Featuring a haunting minor piano interlude amidst different kinds of vocal stabs and accompanying synth plucks, the feel of the piece changes dramatically from the beginning, and the clean consummation of transitioning power shows a fantastic display of production mastery. It builds emotional intensity before finally releasing into a prevailing melodic drop filled with fantastic musical theory routes and gorgeous, tight knit production value. The clashing of harmonic pads and accompanying piano lines really makes this piece stand out as a multifaceted and chordally complex work that sends the music into near sensory overload.

Nick Callaghan & Second Sine‘s brilliant collaboration, Make Me Human, is out now on Monster Digital on Beatport, so make sure you grab this awesome piece today.


Keep the music alive. -Q