While sifting through many high profile radio shows and sets, there seems to be many producers that are primarily based in Europe with some small smatterings in other parts of the world. However, even though EDM has gotten quite large within the USA, it also seems as though there isn’t nearly enough recognition for the artists that reside within the states. But we here at Your EDM try our hardest to represent many up and coming producers and once again, we have come across a huge Trance talent that is ready to take the scene. Santos Torres, or otherwise known by his moniker of Monoverse, is an aspiring 23 year old producer who has been making some serious strides in his career as of late. A frequent guest on the fantastic Infrasonic Recordings family, his releases have been steadily improving each and every year. Even though he is still early to the game, he is no amateur, as his past productions have been supported by industry giants such as Gareth Emery, Max Graham, Rank 1 and Ruben De Ronde. After a cool double EP, (which was released on Alter Ego Recordings), he now turns to a new Progressive Trance production entitled Listen To Be Heard that is flowing with beautiful melodies and luscious chord progressions that beams with attentive quality and innovative possibilities.



Listen To Be Be Heard starts off with a sonic implosion as a blistering bassline grits its teeth in full Progressive force. However, the intensity of the bassline is quickly offset by filtered Progressive off beat ostinatos as the bass now provides an excellent contrast between the two. With cute vocal snips and precision based percussion, the layering continues with a beautiful pad melody and an extra nice touch of a plucky synth motif. The breakdown sends heavenly synth choirs amidst the empty hall as a serene piano line cuts through the woodwork and straight towards the listener’s ears. As the Progressive line begins anew, a new contrasting harmonic line adds a fresh perspective towards the phrase, (not to mention utilizing some really great chord possibilities as well). As rising synths and increasingly frantic percussion join the fray, the melodies and soothing synths subside before zooming past with a full assault of Trance energy. Featuring a breathtaking melody and fantastic selection of colors, the moving melody is contrasted by the perfect addition of clean piano and vocal clips. As layering continues, the orchestration and expertly clean production value truly shows the rising skills of this producer, who seems well on his way to join the big leagues of Progressive Trance.

Additionally, Monoverse‘s Listen To Be Heard is now available as a free download! Head on over to the link below and grab your copy today.


Keep the music alive. -Q


Download Link: https://www.facebook.com/Monoverse/app_192229990808929