Welcome back to another segment of Your EDM Exclusive Interview, where we interview artists who are generating unique buzz in the musical world of EDM and allow them to express their thoughts, expressions, and just about anything they would like to share.

Today we have Jonathan Kane, aka Shreddie Mercury! If the name sounds familiar, it should, he was the winner of the Zedd/Beatport Spectrum remix competition, handpicked by Zedd himself. After accomplishing that amazing feat, Shreddie Mercury’s career has skyrocketed as he’s now going to spin a very special set at the first ever TomorrowWorld this Saturday on the Anthem Stage!

So let’s get right into it with Shreddie Mercury!

“Shreddie! First off, let me say congratulations on winning the Zedd Spectrum Contest. I wrote a post up about it earlier this year but never got a chance to personally congratulate you, so congrats again! ”

 Thanks so much!

1. So after winning a contest on Beatport and next thing you know you’re on tour with Infected Mushroom, what was that like, having your life change in that manner in such a little amount of time?

 Definitely surreal to say the least. It’s kinda crazy how, thanks to the internet, some opportunities can happen almost overnight.

2. Despite only producing for over a year now , you produce high quality tracks that are pretty high on plays on Soundcloud, do you have a deep background in music?

 Actually it’s been about two years of production for me now, but I’ve been a guitarist since I was eight years old. I also have a decent knowledge of drumming, and was constantly playing music even way before I started producing.

3. So it seems that younger producers are getting into the EDM game, and along with Zedd, Porter Robinson, Madeon, and yourself, the pool of creativity is far from drying out, why do you think that is? Could it be a higher access of information/DAW’s to a younger generation more in tune with their imagination?

 I think that’s absolutely what it is. The tools to create music have become so much more attainable in the last few years. Some will say that also has a negative impact on this because anyone can get their hands on it, but it’s still very clear who knows how to write music and who doesn’t in this day and age. That on top of the ability to promote your music without ever leaving your house thanks to sites like Soundcloud.

4  Many of the tracks you’ve produced tend to have a happy feeling behind them and I can imagine that every time you play your tracks live, you see a room full of happy, smiling people, what’s the reason behind that, why is your music so happy?

 It’s definitely a happy vibe at my shows usually, but to be honest much of it was written when I wasn’t necessarily the happiest. I guess I just naturally turn to that vibe with my music…it’s not really a conscious decision. I’ve got some newer tracks in the works however that may be a bit “darker”.

5. So speaking of playing tracks live, you’ll be spinning a set at the first ever TomorrowWorld! I can’t imagine what that will be like, how do you feel about that?

 It’s extremely humbling. This is going to definitely be something that,when I’m an old man, I can recount with fond memories. I’m beyond excited,that’s for sure.

6. You’re most recent release is We Go on LessThan3 Recordings, will we hear that among other unreleased tracks?

I’m going to try and play at least one completely unreleased song, but the others still need some TLC before I present them to everyone.

7. Any upcoming plans for a release date, or any other musical releases, (such as EP’s or other remixes?

Not yet, but I’ve got a bunch of various projects I’m currently working onthat I’m so excited to release. None of them are completely done, so I don’t want to give any ballpark just yet on a date. I’m really excited to finish these up though and put that much more of “me” into my sets.

And that concludes another segment of Your EDM Exclusive Interview, if you’re headed to the first ever TomorrowWorld make sure to check out Shreddie Mercury’s Set on the Anthem Stage at 2:30! A very special thank you to Shreddie and his management for this interview and we hope to hear back from you guys soon!

That being said, you’ll be able find all of Shreddie Mercury’s sites down below and we’ll leave  you with his latest track “We Go“. Thanks for reading!

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