I had the opportunity to interview the infamous man who climbed the tower at TomorrowWorld, Mr. Greg Tecoz. It went a little something like this:

Your EDM: Why’d you climb the tower?
Greg: i live out loud and honestly just wanted to keep the party goin

YE: Were you on any drugs at the time, if so, what drugs? Were you drunk?
Greg: i was tipsy a little

YE: What was going through your head when you finally got to the top?
Greg: damn my phone just died but this view is fukin crazy

YE: Did you think you were going to fall at any point?
Greg: nope not at all god had my back

YE: When you finally got back down, what exactly happened?
Greg: the security and police tackled me and then i went to the  hospital

YE: Were you in any further trouble following that?
Greg: no not at all, except for just going to the hospital my hand was in trouble lol

YE: I’ve been told you had no idea there were already articles about you online. How does it feel being the tower guy?
Greg: guess it feels pretty kooly at the end of the day was a awesome experience

YE: Would you do it again? Blindfolded?
Greg: i love to climb , i don’t encourage people to do the same thing i did either,  and blind folded would be a stupid thing to do lol

YE: You’ve been called everything from crazy to legend. How would you describe yourself?
Greg: a unique spur of the moment kind of guy,  i live out loud to the fullest

YE: What’s your favorite breakfast cereal?
Greg: i don’t eat breakfast trix r for kids

YE: This picture is rumored to be you. Can you confirm whether it is or not?










Greg: not me at all lol

YE: Is there anything you would like to add?
Greg: the only thing ima add is that i do music and have been for years i have worked with 2 chainz, bob, meek mills, just to name a few, follow me and my group on instagram @gfresh100 and @koolybros and also check out our soundcloud

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