House music producer Claude VonStroke recently sat down with Seven Days, an online publication based in Vermont, to discuss his new album Urban Animal and his personal views on electronic music as a community and an industry.

Urban Animal, which slightly strays from VonStroke’s usual style of house, embodies a more experimental sound, which serves to emphasize that in electronic music today, no boundary or classification is insurmountable.

“Honestly, I just started making music, and that’s what came out of me. I don’t think I was trying to specifically accomplish anything. But I was trying to get away from house music a little bit. And I think I did that.”

Discussing the pressures of conforming to the boundaries of genres and in some cases close-minded fans, VonStroke continues to address the industry as a whole, and the booming growth we’ve witnessed as EDM has rather triumphantly slide form the shadows into the limelight of the music industry.

“I think it’s great. I like to tell the story that when I was a kid, hip-hop was just coming out. But no one really cared. Then, over the next 10 years, it got into the Grammys. Then it was a televised Grammy. And after a while, nobody questioned it. It was just a style of music that was part of pop.”

I totally agree with his thoughts. Electronic Dance Music is one of many styles in the popular music area and it’s great to see artists challenge themselves to step outside their comfort zones. Go check out the interview here!