When most of us are still struggling to gain an education, some minors have put themselves out there by making music and making the big bucks. The Billboard 21 Under 21 annually charts what they believe to be the most powerful minors out there in the world of music. You can expect the usual. One Direction, Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus all take the top three positions due to their unrelenting grip upon us all but who cares because it’s an EDM producer who comes 17th!

After Animals was revealed to be Martin Garrix’ back in May, the 17 year old has enjoyed seemingly overnight success with 24 million views on YouTube, and has spent 10 weeks on the Dance/Electronic Songs Chart. His inspiration to produce music came from watching Tiesto perform at the 2004 Olympics in Athens when he was eight years old.

At such a tender age Martin has achieved what many struggle to even get a taste of in their entire lifetime. So congratulations to him for his remarkable achievements! And tough luck for the rest of us talentless chumps.