Not only will Tomorrowworld be a spotlight event because it’s the first in the States, but also because ID&T will allow as many as 20 volunteers from DanceSafe to educate attendees over the course of the event. Passing out flyers and holding informational sessions in a “cool-down” lounge, DanceSafe at Tomorrowworld is a likely indicator of what the future holds.

After a summer rattled by deaths associated with overdoses, ID&T is working to ensure that those who choose to use drugs at their events, do so with all the correct information in mind. DanceSafe’s role is to spread information about the use of narcotics and alcohol, how to care for your body, and potential ramifications.

Whether people like it or not there is no eradicating drug use in the United States or anywhere for that matter. It will flat out never happen, so why not try to educate people. Shawn Kempt of ID&T made the comment to the New York Times:

“This is a societal issue. The way to help people who have these issues is to give them information. At some point, it’s individual responsibility.”

Throughout the summer many individuals and groups voiced there opinions about drug use within our culture. The unfortunate tragedies sparked countless ideas for solutions while putting a spotlight on many negative truths. One of the best descriptions I read defined “molly” as being loosely associated with MDMA, the active ingredient in ecstasy.

Que While they won’t be performing tests at Tomorrowworld, their list of products is something to take note of. Using different formulas anyone can test the quality of a certain substance. Obviously we never condone or encourage the use of drugs here at YourEDM, but we aren’t stupid either. If you and your ‘rave family’ do choose to use, consider picking up a test kit from DanceSafe. Hold the dealer responsible by testing the substance in front of them, make sure it is, what they say it is. We would all rather lose sixty something dollars, than lose the person standing next to you.

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