2013 seems to be the year for exploding new talent, as another fresh faced Trance producer makes bold statements in his multifaceted works. Blend is merely an 18 year old kid who has been creating a plethora of different styles throughout his tenure. His musical versatility is his greatest strength as his surprisingly mature production chops storms through an entire musical spectrum of genres such as melodic Progressive, ball crushing Electro House and even unusual genres such as Chiptune and Chillstep. Each determined attempt through these genres over time allows a more varied and enriching musical experience that exponentially increases his skills from technical and creative standpoints. After effortlessly crafting a brilliant Progressive single entitled Taking Flight on Intricate Records, he turns heel once again by focusing on creating top quality Progressive Trance. His brand new upcoming remix to Vitodito‘s new single, Day Our Lives Turned, is a stunning project out of left field that shows the seasoned abilities of a Prog Trance veteran as he combines both fluid melodies and slight hints of Trouse undertones towards a fantastic celebration of beaming melodies and Uplifting sensibilities.



Starting with a bitcrushing bassline which takes clear influences from Juventa, Blend plays along with rolling subs and  declarative synth stabs that couple along with erratic percussion and edgy, unorthodox subtleties. As the main vocals of Simon Latham bring a definitive Progressive Trance tone towards the mix, the mixture between the vastly different parts creates a delicious, gritty comparison between the two that explodes in a flavorful expression of musical styles. The breakdown brings forth playful ostinatos, sweeping bass pads and various extra touches to really make the orchestration stand out. Progressive synths gradually disappear into nothingness before a simple melodic line blips amongst vocal timbres that are bouncing around its structures. It suddenly explodes into a jubulent, exciting melodic statement complete with thick, full sounding chords amidst the playful ostinatos and exciting harmonies. The chord changes throughout this section are especially nice with plenty of rule breaking ideologies to keep us on our toes. Finally, it builds to a static high before plunging into a gorgeous drop that features those amazing chord changes as well as some dynamite percussion to spice things up. The addition of fluttering accompaniment, faint piano and interesting vocal timbres brings forth a rich, expressive Prog Trance cut that still stays nice and clean within the tight knit orchestration.

Blend‘s remix of Vitodito‘s single, Day Our Lives Turned, will be out this Monday through Neuroscience on Beatport, so make sure to mark this release on your calender, Trance fans. Make sure to check out the electrifying Original Mix as well!


Keep the music alive. -Q