Here’s a piece of EDM surrealism for you. This video showcases the capabilities of Google Glass and you get to see Nicky Romero’s view of Tomorrowworld in the first person perspective. Not that there was much to see here.

The video treats us to shaky images of Nicky being ushered through backstage before getting laughed at by Sander Van Doorn who clearly thinks very little of any idea that Google Glass looks good on your face (Unless this is his reaction every time he sees Nicky). The video then gets even more peculiar as Nicky crouches behind the decks, waiting to unleash himself upon what must be the most jaded and uninterested crowd in existence.

The video is a great idea but it can’t hide from the fact it’s just more DJ oriented, product placement shtick. Otherwise Nicky would have taped a camera to his head, if he thought it was absolutely necessary we see the world as he sees it. On a more positive note, how cool is Nicky’s voice? He sounds like a Die Hard villain.

Watch the video now and tell us what you think. However, it’s gonna take more than Nicky Romero clapping his hands while several thousand uninterested faces stare at me, to convince me to get Google Glass: