Polish producer and DUSTLA mainstay AK9 is back with another incredible free tune called GØÐ; we know what you’re thinking and yes, this track is that good. I’m usually really picky when it comes to trap, but every once in a while someone, usually a dubstep producer, comes out with a track that completely blows me away and with GØРAK9 has managed to do exactly that. GØРstarts off as a spaced-out trap tune with a series of stabbing synths that will sound really familiar if you’ve ever heard Higher by Baauer and Just Blaze, but honestly it’s really not fair to compare the two since GØРgoes about a thousand times harder, especially once you get to the hardstyle drop (yeah, you read that right). I definitely like trap and hardstyle individually, but when an artist manages to seamlessly blend the two together it always makes for one incredibly rage worthy track (see: Mosh It Up by Kill The NoiseParty Monster by Krewella) and GØРis no different. As a way of saying thanks for this incredible free download, make sure you like AK9 on Facebook and follow him Twitter. Make sure you give DUSTLA some love on Facebook and Twitter too because they’re the ones who made this possible!