Since it’s introduction into EDM, Trap has always been the source of both criticism and massive adulation (in festivals at least); Despite that, artists continue to let their creativity to pour in any which direction it so chooses. While some may choose to dab in Trap but still keep to their original style, there are artists like Sub Antix who completely dive into the genre and bring out the potential that many Trap enthusiasts could hope for.

“But it all sounds the same”, while some Trap may fall into the some of the strict confines, such as the famous “damn son where’d you find this?” sample or the “trill” drum sample, keep in mind that those are the things that define both the genre and overall feel of the release.

Enough of that, let’s get to the release; Featuring four powerful original mixes and a remix by Terravita, the Techniques EP is a very solid release, and that’s saying quite a bit. Many times there are EP’s that feel ill put together, or as if they just smashed random tracks together, slapped a vague EP title and sent it out, Sub Antix‘s release feels different. And rightfully so, with collaborations with Diamond Pistols and Phantasma, it adds a perfect amount of spice on the already delicious entree that is the Techniques EP.

You can get the release here, and stream the set down below.