Over the weekend Moby played three nights at The Fonda Theatre in Hollywood celebrating the release of his latest album, ‘innocents’. Although those in attendance saw much more than just new tracks as Moby split each night into two sets, one which consisted of tracks from the new album, and another marked as a ‘Greatest Hits’ set. Overall the brief ‘innocents’ tour was a huge success with people traveling from all over the world to take part in the experience. After the weekend Moby wrote a short letter to everyone who came out, thanking them for their support.

“i wanted to write a simple letter saying thanks to everyone who came to the 3 shows at the fonda. and i wanted to say an extra special thank you to the people who travelled such vast distances to be there. at last count i met people who’d travelled from:

  • belgium
  • netherlands
  • england
  • scotland
  • ireland
  • spain
  • france
  • switzerland
  • russia
  • ukraine
  • kazakhstan
  • ecuador
  • mexico
  • argentina
  • brazil
  • italy
  • portugal
  • australia
  • new zealand
  • hong kong
  • sweden
  • norway

and from many cities around the u.s and canada, like:

  • vancouver
  • cincinnati
  • st louis
  • dallas
  • houston
  • cleveland
  • denver
  • minneapolis-st. paul
  • new york
  • miami
  • montreal
  • toronto
  • chicago

and many, many other places.

it really means the world to me that so many people travelled so far to be here for the shows. so, thank you!

i hope that you had a wonderful time, and i was really happy to meet most of you.



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