While reading custom in the title may raise some eyebrows but we’re here to give the low down on this clever midi-player. First things first, it’s a completely functional DJ Controller and midi-player with simple plug and play features. That means if you have close to $1100 this custom midi-controller can be yours (Shipping + Handling TBD).

So what’s so Custom about this device? Well the main pushing point is that, through the umidi’s website, you will be able to custom design the controller however you’d like in a very simple drag and drop fashion. This all includes fader, knob, and programmable button locations and while that seems too good to be true, it doesn’t end there,

umidi 1


It also includes customizable and programmable lights/LED’s that, as featured in the video below, can be programmed to go along the BPM of the current track playing on the device. While it may seem like just for show, this would be a perfect device for those looking to continue their DJ Career. Along with a customizable midi controller, the BPM flashing LED’s may aid you in learning how to beat match and take your set to the next level.


If you’re eager to buy it’s understandable but just hold off for a while longer. The product & company will be creating an Official Kickstarter for the project in December however a goal has yet to be posted. You can watch the video below for more and you can visit their official web page here!