Seven Lions, or Jeff, is known for his very sensual yet aggressive take on Dubstep and Electro. The California native has in recent years blown up after winning a remix contest and is doing a fine job of setting his mark on the EDM scene! But today via his Facebook page, some rather bad news has surpassed his ability to make it to any of the near future dates on the “Get Wet” tour with Krewella and Candyland. Fortunately, he will live but while performing in Canada Jeff picked up a nasty flu/ fever and while returning home it became an extreme case of airplane ear in which resulted in him losing hearing in both ears says Jeff.

You can read the full scoop below! And make sure to give Seven Lions some TLC!

Hey guys, Got some good news and bad news:

Good news is I went home to Santa Barbara to see a specialist about my hand and it looks like I don’t need surgery and might have the cast off in two weeks. Bad news is I caught a bad flu/fever in Canada and on the way home I got an extreme case of airplane ear and lost hearing in both ears. As a musician this is probably the scariest thing imaginable. Fortunately my hearing has been coming back but I still need to go see a Dr. about it to make sure I did no permanent damage and I won’t be getting on another plane until I know its safe for my ears and my fever is gone. I have no problem playing sick, I have no problem playing with a broken hand but I just gotta protect my ears. I’m hoping to have this all figured out by the end of the week but I will be missing some upcoming shows on the tour. The tour has been fucking amazing so far so it really sucks to make this call but I know I will be up and running at 100% soon. I hope you understand. I’ll make it up to you guys.

Much love.

Lets all hope for a fast recovery because we need this guy! He is a huge influence on the EDM scene and lifestyle!

While we wait for new material, here is his most recent work. Enjoy:

My Favorite!

-Chris Wood-