After hiding all the sharp objects in my house, I sat down to endure Paris Hilton‘s latest music video for her pop-EDM monstrosity, ‘Good Time’. Produced by Afrojack, Good Time as a song alone is the exact amount of awful you would expect; it’s music video is no exception.

Almost 90% of the video is comprised of bikini shots of Hilton, whose presence fails to impress in any respect other than the complete deadness in her eyes. Seriously, it’s like watching a zombie trying to act out ‘dead career’ . Really the only impressive thing about the video is the amount of money that went into the ‘Paris Hilton Body Oil’ budget. (Although I’m kind of wondering how much they paid to borrow Martin Solveig’s bass guitar for five minutes and three notes.)

Since, I went to college, I like to think that I’m alright at picking up on the main theme of a piece of work. That said, the eye gougingly obvious message of this music video is that ‘Paris Hilton can still party’. From the YMCMB snapback sporting muscle bros to the cliche EDM fueled pool party, to the wildly brain dead song itself, it’s pretty apparent that Hilton has spent the last seven or so years planning how she would tell everyone she’s relevant again. I mean, say what you will about Miley Cyrus, at least that girl understands the concept of ‘rebranding’ which seems to have flown way over Hilton‘s head. Paris however is still hard at work trying to ram the party girl heiress schtick down our throats; it didn’t work in 2006 and it’s not working now.

Honestly, I can’t say you shouldn’t watch the music video. You’ve probably already heard the god awful song by itself, so why not give the music video a chance. For extra fun, mute the music video and sing your own song to it.