Earlier today, Nicky Romero released a trailer on YouTube for the music video for his chart-topping collaboration with Krewella, Legacy, and I must say I haven’t been this excited for a music video in a long time. Music videos can add a whole new layer of meaning that wasn’t present in a track before, and as someone who preferred the remixes of Legacy, I feel like this video will help me gain an appreciation for the original that wasn’t possible without some visual aspect to it. It’s hard to get a sense of what the theme of the video is going to be from just the trailer (it kinda looks like Nicky Romero is DJing somewhere while some kids break into a really nice house), but you can rest assured knowing it’s going to be one epic ride!

P.S. Did anyone notice Jahan‘s incredibly badass dreadlocks in the trailer? I think it’s a really sick look but I’m not surprised  to see she tried it out at all, especially since Yasmine pulled off cornrows like a boss!

yazzy cornrows