Danny Brown‘s wide encompassing hip-hop themes have crossed over into mainstream EDM thanks to his association with A-Trak powerful Fools Gold Records and his repeated references to designer drugs in his art. Beginning to foreshadow big time moves from the Detroit raised rapper, avid supporter of hip-hop Pretty Lights added Danny as support to his expansive and diverse tour.
Following recent controversy at a Pretty Lights show in Nashville, his supporting role on the Pretty Lights tour comes to a sudden and painful halt following Danny Brown’s unacceptable antics as according to Derek’s twitter comments. Follow the conversation below to get the gist.

And Danny Brown so keenly adds his own side to the story with a few tweets that may have been a bit out of line on both sides part.

With the crossover between hip hop and EDM imminent, this could have been a good opportunity to continue to branch the two cultures. I’ll be intersted to see how Fool’s Gold feels about the incident. We’ll be sure to update you with more on the situation.