It’s no secret that the biggest DJs in the EDM world have been raking in exorbitant, near ludicrous amounts of cash for their live performances. Clubs such as Hakkasan are reportedly settling out with hundreds of thousands of dollars for a single performance by one their world famous residents, including the likes of Deadmau5 and Calvin Harris. Not surprisingly these two residents also have a home in the Top-10 highest paid DJs ‘club’ along with other familiar names, such as Afrojack, Avicii, and Armin Van Buuren. While it’s no secret these DJs are rolling in the dough, it is tough to actually grasp the true scale of their wealth. So let’s take a look at a few of the hottest earners and see just how far their dollar could go.



Our first mogul, Calvin Harris sits atop the ‘rich list’, reportedly making a cool $46 million dollars in 2013. Combine that with a staggering net-worth of $35 million to get an idea of what sort of cash the Scottish super-producer has under his belt. Just to make things simple, let’s just use the $46 million salary, Harris brought in this year alone.

  • 107 Maybach 62S Sedans (MSRP $427,000)
  • 230,000 iPhone 5S’s  ($200 with new activation)
  • 18,473,895 boxes of Eggo Waffles or 2,044,444,444 Individual Jellybeans ($9 per lb.)
  • 306 Black Market Human Kidneys ~ 76 lbs of black market organs ($150,000 est. ea.)
  • 516 Degrees at a Public University ($89,000 average for 4 years of tuition)



Dutch megastar Tiesto has been around for quite some time and still continues to bring in exorbitant amounts of money, reportedly making a more modest $32 million.

  •  Honda  HA-42 Private Jets (MSRP $4.5 million)
  • 64,000 GA Tickets to Ultra Music Festival  ($500 GA)
  • 6,400,000 Boxes of Dunkaroos ($5 ea.)
  • 246 Kilograms of Black Market Heroin ($130,000 est. retail)
  • 360 Degrees at a Public University ($89,000 average for 4 years of tuition)



Coming in behind Tiesto, the man under the helmet, Deadmau5 ringing in at $21 million dollars.

  • 89 2013 Ferrari 458’s (MSRP $233,509)
  • 19,108 13′ Mac Book Air 2013  ($1099)
  • 1.4 million Packs of Cigarettes ($15 NYC avg. pricing)
  • 318 Kilograms of Black Market Cocaine ($66,000 est.)
  • 70 Performances by Justin Bieber ($300,000 est.) or 235 Degrees at a Public University ($89,000 average for 4 years of tuition)


afrojack-its a matter of-youredm

Rounding off our list, the infamous Afrojack who’s EDM-pop crossover year only brought in a paltry 18 Million…

  • 40 2013 Lamborghini Aventador (MSRP $441,600) with Afrojack‘s luck this roughly equates to 30 hours of driving time with car crash intervals of 45 minutes.
  • 60,000 Beamz by Flo Platinum Edition  ($300 but seriously why would you ever buy one)
  • 2,000,000 lbs of Jelly Belly Jellybeans or 800,000,000 Individual Jellybeans ($9 per lb.)
  • 300 Kilograms of Black Market Methamphetamine ($60,000 est.)
  • 202 Degrees at a Public University ($89,000 average for 4 years of tuition)


Hopefully, these numbers have illustrated just how wildly rich the EDM boom has made a lucky handful of artists. It’s staggering at-least to me, to realize that with 1/200ths of his wealth, Afrojack could pay off my entire student loan balance ($100,000). As much as it sounds like a joke (and I seriously wish it was) 1/200th of my wealth is roughly fifty cents. In fact, most of these men make more money in one night than you or I will probably make in the next two years. Life is good at the top.


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