Editor’s Note: Nothing is more important to us here at Your EDM than the EDM community. While this article may be uncharacteristic to what we normally feature we full heartedly believe that everyone should take some time out of their day to pay homage to and support individuals that display uncanny courage whose spirits remain unbeatable when presented with enormous adversity and challenges.  

Shawn Sage is facing a situation that would break the spirits of even the very strongest of us. Diagnosed with stage IV colorectal cancer, his prognosis is grim at best. But his refusal to give-up in a situation which is at best bleak, possibly even un-winnable should be an inspiration to everyone in the scene and the world at large.

Recently, Shawn uploaded some incredible pictures to Instagram of him continuing to live the dream at Escape From Wonderland despite his battle with this vicious disease. Instead of sadness, Shawn is a picture of what embodies the spirit of EDM. This is a man who is flipping a gigantic bird to his circumstances.

We all have a limited time on this world which can be both wonderfully beautiful and so terribly cruel. There is only one certainty in this life, and that is that one day all of our time will run out. What we can do however, is take an example from Shawn, and see that the only real choice we have is how we react. Look at this guy and realize that even at what he calls “his last rave” he is living it up to the absolute fullest. EDM is about peace, community, mutual respect, and love and Shawn Sage even in what many would call dark-times still is shining bright, truly embodying the spirit of EDM.

To us here at Your EDM, Shawn Sage is a hero; our thoughts and prayers are with him. Take a moment out of your day to be thankful for everything you have. Most importantly strive to follow his example: dance hard, love lots, and never, ever give up.

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Update: A fund has been set up for Shawn ‘Dooby’ Sage. Now you can help make a real difference in this young man’s life! Help out HERE!