Before watching this video covering EDM by ABC News, I thought it was just going to be another coverage of Molly, so I clicked Play anyway. The first few minutes were actually pretty good, their news seemed to be quite accurate for once. Then, at one point, at approximately 3:11, they switched their background music to something with a really deep, dark, and sombre undertone and introduced the next topic of EDM: Molly. Surprise! My entire perspective on ABC was just starting to change and they hit you with Molly. Well as they shined the spotlight back on TomorrowWorld, my interest began to spike. They stated, out of the 140,000 people who attended, only 20 people were brought to the hospital; that’s pretty amazing. A positive and accurate form of news was presented to the public covering EDM. What a major advancement for our community. Having said that, Armin made a good point, other bad things happen at other events and concerts too, so why shine the spotlight on the EDM community as a whole? Great point Armin. The last few minutes of the video ended with them talking about Armin’s success with This Is What It Feels Like and how he felt about it, another positive form of news. I am actually pretty impressed with this video and how ABC News presented it. I feel if our community was presented to the public in this form, problems and drama would not be as predominant. We can only move forward! Have a listen folks.
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ABC News Video & Article: DJs Raking in Millions as Electronic Dance Music Explodes