Skrillex has always taken pride in himself and his loyal crew known as “Dogs” for their unyielding silence in regards to the release of new music. Since the release of More Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, the OWSLA team has always seemed to have the philosophy of having their bite much louder than their bark; that’s right, louder. While it can be seen as a countermeasure to overhyping forthcoming music or as an effective technique of not working under unwanted deadlines, the OWSLA crew still retains some of the most vocal and loyal fans in the EDM scene. It’s difficult not to be such a fan with sudden releases like the Try It Out collaboration with Alvin Risk; most of us are still recovering from being knocked from our seats while others are hungry for another dose.

Perhaps that’s the question on everyones mind? “What’s next?!” It’s anyone’s guess at this point but we might have some speculation that it might be sooner than you think. While only a single day away from the Try It Out release, Skrillex has already taken to the airwaves with Zane Lowe of BBC1 in an exclusive interview to speak on his releases, his sneakiness, and his upcoming work. Don’t get too excited though, Sonny remains true to his sneaky ninja ways and only reveals that he is working very hard, instead of “sitting around on a beach, you know, like, drinking margaritas.”

Sometimes speculation may cause a call for “All Aboard the Hype Train!” and while that may raise high expectations even higher,which we know Skrillex will exceed in every way, it can be detrimental to the release and the overall enjoyment of the music. So take this with a very large grain of salt as the following will be pure speculation and just a kind of “what if?”.


Rumors have always been abounds about the relationship between Big Beat Records and Skrillex. (If you’re unfamiliar with the record label, they were behind the Bangarang album release as well as the Make It Bun Them Single with Damian Marley and the subsequent remixes release.) One of the rumors that has seem to gain a following has been that the Try It Out Release with Alvin Risk was both to release music as well as to end the contract with Big Beat Records. In doing so, Skrillex is freely able to release his album on his own personal record label OWSLA. And why wouldn’t he? Instead of having the sales of one of the most anticipated albums of the year go to Big Beat Records, it’d be more beneficial to the OWSLA team and Skrillex to have 100% of the sales go to his own record label. It’s a rumor that makes the most sense, (out of the many that are currently floating around) in both a musical and business aspect.

And just because you’re a musician doesn’t mean you can’t have the smarts of a businessman. While we may never know if the above rumor is true, we feel it’s safe to say that you should subscribe to Skrillex’s & OWSLA’s Twitter streams, because when it comes, I have a feeling it’ll knock everyone out of their chairs once again.