If you’ve ever wondered  how you can reward a very loyal fan base just ask Protohype.  In return for one thousand likes on a single status he would reward his loyal followers with a preview from his upcoming EP, Speak No Evil. In less than an hour, the explosive Dubstep producer had reached thirteen hundred likes on the status and revealed quite the collaboration.

In a match up only fit for making the background music of another explosion filled Michael Bay film, Protohype and The Frim come together as quite the formidable force in the Dubstep Genre. With both artists surrounded by some of the heaviest hitters in the game, AKA FirePower Records, it’s no surprise that “Feelin’ Irie” is among the top Bass Music tracks that manage to bring creativity and uniqueness to utter chaos.

“Feelin’ Irie” will be among the other explosive tracks that will feature collabs with Datsik, 12th Planet, Two Fresh, and Virus Syndicate! Speak No Evil will be out on FirePower Records, October 22nd!