Your EDM Presents : Warhol’s Factory with Kastle, Autograf, and Kody Madro at the House of Blues in Chicago, November 1st.

The days of warehouse raves have been all but long gone, and many associate and blame this lack with the growing distance between art, fashion, and music in today’s dance music scene. Warhol’s Factory and Autograf are aiming to break away from the stereotypical “rage fest” mold that has become standard for events and festivals across the world today. By facilitating a more unique sociable experience, an environment to bridge the gap between art and dance music will be reborn.


Helping spread the love, we have also teamed up with SOL Republic to giveaway a pair of (1) Pair of Headphones, (2) Autograf Shirt, and (2) VIP Stage Access Tickets! To enter follow the instructions on the Punch Tab below:

Having both allowed the development of a much more intimate and mature atmosphere, the resurgence of Deep and Tech House play a major role in this new market growth. Kastle and Autograf are perfect representations for the change of pace the Factory is incubating and they will both be laying down the deepest of sets Friday night.

Autograf’s most recent release Magic Stick (ft. 50 Cent & Lil Kim) is a beautiful experimentation of deep house and future base, and you can already feel their signature sound protruding.

Also check out Kastle’s remix of Drake‘s “Hold On, We’re Going Home“. His techie adventures have been delving into elements of swing and 2-step structure, making these even more interesting.

They are going all out decorating the Factory with art and will even have a fully interactive advertising display for participants. Below you can see the work going into building the Warhol Campbell’s Soup Can that will surely catch your eye once finished the night of show.


The event is 18+ and goes from 10PM to 4AM. You can purchase $10 tickets from

We are looking forward to bringing music, art, and fashion together under one roof with all of your beautiful faces, November 1st at the House of Blues.