Photo credit: Ferdinando Vidadiego

There are only a few ways to adequately celebrate Halloween and one of them was to be at Beta Nightclub in Denver for Mat Zo’s stellar, intricate and entrancing performance. Just days prior to his album release “Damage Control”, Matan Zohar, more popularly known as Mat Zo took all in attendance on a wild ride that none will soon forget. Interspersing some of his yet to be released songs off of his upcoming album throughout the mix, Mat delivered a diverse and technically on point set. From Pyramid Scheme to A Thing Called Love, and without forgetting of course Lucid Dreams, this medley of songs showcased the versatility of the artist and almost made us forget that he dropped Animals in the middle of the set. Mat Zo was the perfect choice to celebrate a night such as Halloween, his performances are unpredictable, captivating and eerily good. The entire audience pushed aside all worries and signs of exhaustion and made it through the night, dancing for hours to the incessant resonating kicks and melodies. It was the perfect atmosphere and mood, people were driven to the venue by the music and were there for the music and what a better place to celebrate music than at Beta Nightclub, with its monstrous sound system. With a hundred thousand watts, the walls were moving, the pillars vibrating and the entire crowd kept on asking for more. The venue was adorned with Halloween-esque decorations, with a gargantuan head plastered above the DJ booth (pictured above), lights shooting out of its eyes driven by the never ending flow of melodies and sub kicks.

There are two types of performers, the first being predictable, at times repetitive and often uncreative. Mat Zo is not one of those. Mat Zo ranks along the sides of Porter Robinson, Deadmau5 and the likes. Unpredictable, innovative and exhilarating, that’s what you should expect from Mat and that’s what he delivered at Beta Nightclub for Halloween night.