Hard Day of the Dead has an insane lineup this year, with names like Skrillex, Deadmau5, Nero and Calvin Harris taking the charge, but it’s strength is the number of good acts that fall under these heavyweight names. We have comprised a list of the Top 5 acts to see for those of you who are heading out to LA for the festival. Narrowing it down to 5 is tough, so if you happen to miss one of our choices don’t fret! The pool of talent is plentiful. Without further adieu, here are the Top 5 acts to see at Hard Day of the Dead 2013.
5. Cory Enemy – Sunday – 1:00-2:00PM – Harder Stage
Cory Enemy has been moving up quickly up the EDM ladder lately most notably with his win in the Drama Remix competition. He also has killer remixes of “The Drop” and “Disco Nap”. Cory’s originals are incredible as well, which have landed him a Dim Mak release. Cory will have one of the best sets for the people playing early in the day so you don’t want to miss him!

4. Zeds Dead – Saturday – 5:45-6:55PM – Hard Stage
This duo has been in the light for a while and for good reason. They have been belting out tunes from all over the genre board and slaying crowds wherever they go. Zeds Dead has not reached their peak yet, which I think will happen with the next wave of producers with them leading the charge. They recently collaborated with Major Lazer on a track entitled “Turn Around”. The duo has also had releases from ULTRA and Mad Decent.

3. Gaslamp Killer – Saturday – 10:00-10:45PM – Underground Stage
Most of you probably know him from the hype that was built surrounding Day of the Dead, with the Gaslamp Killer “murdering” the other DJs. However, ou should know of him because of his insane music and animated personality. His energy shows in his performances which always get the crowd rowdy and chaotic. In a good way of course. His musical style varies tremendously, with party tunes and tunes he deems “for your brain”. His set will not be one you want to miss!

2. Paper Diamond – Sunday – 10:45-Midnight – Harder Stage
Paper Diamond is a genius for one, and a hard worker; especially when it comes to his live performances. The one man crew not only mixes, but he is in charge of the visuals that sync to the music. So if you see him on Sunday you are getting a full on show delivered by Paper Diamond himself. He really puts the art of performance at the head of his thought process, which shows in his amazing live shows. You will get an array of music from him as well which translates into an enriched experience.

1. Pretty Lights – Sunday – 9:00-10:30PM – Harder Stage
Finally we come to Pretty Lights who packs a full band. This is the one set that it is not alright to miss. The live aspect of the show will be unrivaled at Hard, with some of the best and most innovative music being played. Pretty Lights already has the fanbase to sell-out stadiums and headline festivals, but some people will be seeing Calvin Harris instead simply for the popularity basis. No disrespect to Calvin who could have easily been in the number one spot (I’m sure he is on someone else’s list), but Pretty Lights will be a better overall experience for the music lovers that attend the festival.