Whether a live set or a DJ set, Pendulum never fails to bring the house down. With the announcement that Pendulum would no longer be performing live shows because of Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen’s engagement with Knife Party, it seemed that Pendulum would be no more. Luckily, Paul Harding, aka “El Hornet,” has continued to grace our presence with DJ sets. This past weekend, he played at Beta Nightclub in Denver, Colorado.

As always, walking into Beta was like walking out of Lodo and straight into an EDM lover’s dream. With pounding bass and amazing lightshows, the #1 nightclub in America never fails to deliver a great show. Harding played plenty of fan favorites, such as “Vulture,” “Witchcraft,” and “Tarantula.”

The night’s highlight occurred during the transition from “The Island” into Knife Party’s “Internet Friends.” Beta’s fog machines spewed out a thick cloud that enveloped the audience and created a feeling of sensory deprivation for each concertgoer. Able to see nothing, the power of the music felt extra magnified as the crowd went crazy.

Although fans will always hope for a revival of Pendulum’s live tour, the DJ set provides a fun show to relive the glory days in the meantime. Hopefully, with the announcement that Pendulum will be recording another album, a tour won’t be too far behind.