Lately throughout the Progressive world, there seems to be a certain shift in styles that have evolved throughout its lifespan. Many Progressive musicians, such as Sedi, Gregory Esayan and the older sounds of Tom Fall and EDX, utilize a certain, blissful vibe towards their productions; but lately, many upcoming producers such as Aji Mon Nair, Fon.Leman and Jaytech have opted towards a more driving and techier sound, forgoing melodies for cutting edge sound design and clean orchestrations. For many people who are avid fans of the genre, it is a double edged sword, because even though the newer sounds are pushing the boundaries for musical innovation, it is lacking those beautiful, beachfront sounds that defined it in the first place. However, the people who are complaining that the sound is gone aren’t looking hard enough and new heroes from countries abroad are now establishing themselves as the leaders of melodic Progressive. Hailing from Japan, the enigmatic Kazusa has been crafting a staggering level of quality in his releases for the last 10 years as his unique Asian influences completely redefines the intricate sound of Progressive. Rather than lighthearted and innocent in nature, his mixture of smooth, deep vibes with iconic Progressive attributes produces such a nice polish and spark that elevates his productions towards another league of craftsmanship. His remix of Kobana‘s single, The First Attempt, is a wonderful cut that really signifies the early morning dew and mist of a clear, shining day.


The most astounding attribute of this track is its full sense of serenity and composure. At no point are there any spikes in the track’s energy and drive, as it remains relatively constant through its main and breakdown sections. One can almost picture a placid lake in the beginning of dawn with the silence of nature offering the sense of complete harmony through mind, body and soul. Kazusa has this extraordinary ability to transcend above the role as musician, as the calming effects of his work hints a certain instinctual human element while managing to slightly dip into the divine and spiritual. The First Attempt starts with a smooth collection of deep pads and ringing bell tones as the style is immediately established. Light, airy percussion and a lovely addition of various vocal whispers add depth as the warm basslines and drifting ostinatos lightly push it towards impassivity. As it effortlessly coasts along, the ideas remain the same throughout the entire track. Rather than trying to stand out, it almost becomes background music for the wisps of creative thoughts throughout the brain, almost as if it casts the clouds away and allows complete mental clarity to develop. If one really focuses on relaxing and exploring the various areas of the subconscious, then this piece can be a gateway into the wondrous unknown where the only limitations are what your mind can create.

Kazusa‘s remix to Kobana‘s single, The First Attempt, is out now on Arrival via Beatport, so grab this amazing morning piece today. Also make sure to check out the low cut Original and the innovative Basil O’Glue remix as well! Tune in next week for some fantastic deep cuts on Sunrise Sessions.


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