It has been no secret that over the course of the past year BANKS has become one of the industries most sought after and championed female vocalists. Her emotive and brooding vocals, which are most commonly supported by a slightly warming downtempo beat, highlight a pensive strength in her lyrics which few others can even begin to emulate.

In this latest rendition of BANKS’ cover of ‘In Your Eyes’, the budding Colorado producer¬†TYR embellishes the LA pop star’s vocals with a slightly effervescent and danceable feel. TYR does an excellent job allowing BANKS’ vocal top-line to stand in the forefront while his expertly constructed mid-tempo beat will have listeners nodding their head in approval. I’ve had this track on repeat for days and after a tireless amount of plays it has become evidently clear that this is a must download. Grab your copy below and make sure to hop over on Facebook and show TYR some love for all his hard work. Enjoy.