First off, Happy Halloween everybody! In celebration we have compiled a 10 song playlist that screams Halloween, with tracks from all genres. Halloween enthusiast Figure has a couple songs, along with a throwback HeRobust remix of the Ghostbusters theme song, a Dirtyloud banger and so much more. These songs will be perfect for all of your festivities the rest of the day, unless of course you’re watching scary movies. Even then, you’ll want to take a break just to hear this amazing playlist. As always, stay safe out there tonight whether you are partying or trick-or-treating and have as much fun as possible!

PS, who has the best costume idea?

Figure – This Is Halloween: Dubstep

Dirtyloud Feat. Messinian – Vampires Come Out: Electro House/Big Room

Meaux Green – Triller: Twerk

Droptek – Poltergeist: Drum & Bass/Dubstep

heRobust – GhostBUSTED: Electro House

Oddzilla & Aves – Dia De Lost Muertos: Moombahcore

Sharkoffs – This Is Halloween: Electro House

Bass Bocs – Blood Thirst: Moombahcore

Studio Speakerz – Ol Hallow’s Eve: Moombahton

Figure – Child’s Play: Electro House

Trick-Or-Treat Bonus Track

Namzie – Doom Pony: Dubstep