Right after becoming the first EDM act to ever perform on Good Morning AmericaKrewella released Troll Mix Vol. 6: Trick or Treat Edition in honor of Halloween. The mix features plenty of classic Krewella tracks and remixes and even some exclusive bootlegs and a few other surprises as well; I can’t think of many other artists that can transition from a Fall Out Boy Remix into the intro from Excision‘s 2013 Shambhala Mix and pull it off so smoothly. I don’t know about you, but I much prefer this mix, which features a lot of dubstep, hardstyle, and trap, to Troll Mix Vol. 5, which was much more radio-friendly since it debuted with their album Get Wet.

While the mix is definitely awesome, the most exciting part comes right at the beginning when Jahan implies that their Troll Radio show will become a monthly event, where in the past they were released intermittently. Their Troll Mixes have always been something to look forward to so it’s really nice to know that the Krew is planning on giving it to us harder and on a more regular basis.