Cash Cash is a trio of extremely talented dudes and the group has just released their newest work on Big Beat, featuring “Take Me Home” feat. Bebe Rexha, which has been used in a number of promos for television shows.

Aside from ‘Take Me Home’ the EP includes ‘Overtime‘ an awesome, electric and melodic banger. ‘Hideaway‘ which the drop is as close to dubstep as you can get without actually calling it dubstep, ‘Satelites‘ an anthem that you will be hearing throughout the next few months at any festival. This track also features some awesome breaks that will leave you wanting more. Next we have ‘Here And Now‘ feat. Kerli, a stellar collaboration that utilizes a water droplet to bring in the big drop it offers. Finally ‘Kiss The Sky‘, which is my personal favorite from the EP because the sample selection on this track is amazing and it goes to show just how diverse Cash Cash really can be.

Check out the full EP below and be sure to buy it from the iTunes here.

[Source Huffington Post]