BOOKA SHADE is the German synth pop duo, consisting of Arno Kammermeir and Walter Merziger. BOOKA SHADE, the veterans of the underground, had some bumps in the road but are now back and better than ever with their fifth studio album, ‘Eve’ which was released yesterday, November 1 on Beatport through Blaufield.

Kammermeir told Rolling Stone, “We wanted to tell a new story, a story which represented a new start.”

Sometimes it takes a few bumps in the road for a duo to grow as an artist, and most importantly, to redeem themselves in the industry. It goes without saying they have definitely surpassed this hitch as they reel you in to this “story” through the albums beautiful composition.

Where do I begin? Sometimes it takes us a few tries for a song to grow on me. Yet, with this album I was instantly hooked to every track. Each song flows together wonderfully. The magical and glistening beat of ‘Love Drug’ featuring Fritz Helder will cause your mind to float in this special love drug they have created. Then the duo migrates into a more vocally focused sound on, ‘Crossing Borders’ featuring Fritz Kalkbrenner. Can we say country meets funky, tech house? I guess this may be the new trend, just like Avicii and his country soul/house anthem, ‘Wake Me Up’. Lastly, my favorite track ‘Love Inc,’ which was one of their single releases, and a track that infuses so many musical elements. This album is pure genius!

Make sure to check it out here on beatport.