An interesting correlation that I have discovered since the rapid explosion of EDM in America is the relationship between the core elements of the mainstream and the increasingly vibrant underground scene, as many of these fans who are bored with the current state of affairs look for other alternatives and discover the spectacular talent that focuses on musical integrity instead of profit. One particular facet of this correlation is our recent fascination of Deep House, as it almost symbolizes a certain youthful rebellion towards the cookie cutter sounds of the Mainstage apparatus. While there are many artists who have their own interpretation of what the genre should sound like, there is a growing fascination for a rich and vibrant sub-genre of Deep House where the focus of musical atmosphere and breathtaking moments are structurally evident. Artists that fit under this category include iconic leaders such as Guy J, John Digweed and Laurent Garnier. Their main focus is taking the listener on a complete musical journey of the senses and to lose oneself to their hypnotizing auras of music. Another upcoming producer is well on his way to achieve that goal, as Henry Saiz‘s sound contains that unique maturity that many seem to lack. Downtempo and organic sounds fill his musical palette and the fluidity/connectivity of his orchestration is second to none. Now, he undertakes a massively ambitious project by remixing the legendary Daft Punk and their bonus track of Horizons, which was only an exclusive to Japan for their recent RAM album.



The Original might not be familiar to most, seeing as it was a Japan only exclusive. Horizon is a gorgeous summertime Chillout tune, whose breezy chords and influential basslines make for an entirely different sound than what we are used to from the Frenchmen. Henry Saiz has taken the Original and reworked it to a really nice, low-cut single that combines the atmospheric, underwater sounds with the fresh, playful chordplay that Daft Punk is known for. He starts out with simplistic, repeating ostinatos underneath singular basskicks as layers of essential Dark Punk synths, reverbed vocal timbres and crisp tambourines begin the flow of organic sounds to envelop the listener in a swath of musical essence. Blippy beeps and creative basslines that rework the subs are explored as the main section begins with calm, unabated vibes. This is the true essence of a remix, as listeners can clearly hear influences from both parties while managing to remain clean, clear and attentive out curious ears. While flowing, ebbing chords and cavernous, open-air sound designs are of Henry Saiz‘s nature, the interesting chord changes, acid bleeps and the virtuous vocals of ‘just want you to say‘ of Daft Punk culminates in pure musical genius. Even more so is how the piece grows in size and veracity as it even simulates the growing of life towards the blooming of a bright, vibrant flower of musical expression.

Henry Saiz‘s unofficial remix of Daft Punk‘s Horizon, is now a free download for you to enjoy in your musical libraries, (or to use in your multifaceted sets), so click on the download button above and enjoy. Tune in next week on Sunrise Sessions as we take genres to a new league with whatever ambitious music comes our way.


Keep the music alive. -Q


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