Photography by Terry Richardson, Styling by George Cortina

Every year, The Wall Street Journal Magazine hosts their ‘Innovator of the Year Awards’ that seek to honor members of society who have made outstanding contributions to culture, regardless of ┬átheir area of expertise or the medium of their work. This year, WSJ unveiled their annual Innovator Issue cover with supermodel Gisele Bundchen and none other than Daft Punk.

2013 can rather arguably be named the “Year of Random Access Memories”, so it really comes as no surprise that when the WSJ was looking for an individual or figure who truly took our culture by storm, few could compete with the French duo. Even more proof of this statement comes with the fact that even though RAM was released almost 6 months ago, to this very day you will be hard pressed to drive for more than 30 minutes anywhere in the U.S. while listening to popular radio without hearing “Get Lucky” interspersed into a mix of pop culture’s current Top 40 hits.

The article itself highlights much of Daft Punk’s extensive history and provides quite a bit of insight in the creative process behind their latest LP release. For more information on duo and this extremely notable achievement, I highly suggest jumping over to WSJ and reading the article in full here! Enjoy.