Now that most of the country is slowly creeping toward winter, Mad Decent has released the official Mad Decent Block Party 2013 documentary to make us all long for the blazing days of summer. Featuring the song “Look at Me Now” by Djemba Djemba and London Future, the first few minutes recap the absolute craziness of the event.

Later, Diplo explains the history of the event, which started in Philadelphia in 2008. Various performing artists also describe what makes each location special. In the final few moments, Diplo and Mad Decent employees Benzona and Paul Debro jokingly weigh in on the dos and don’ts of the festival. A few favorites:

Do: Come
Don’t: Wear fuzzy boots
Don’t: Do too many drugs
Do: Wear as little clothing as possible
Don’t: Not bring your mom.
Do: Ask for an autograph from your favorite security guard.
If you’re an act, don’t: Play after Flosstradamus. That’s really hard.

The 13 minute documentary closes with Diplo’s “Revolution” and more clips of the party. Check out the whole video below.