Although Deadmau5 has released plenty of short snippets and tracks via Soundcloud, fans are thirsting for a follow-up to “Album Title Goes Here,” which was released over a year ago. Luckily, it sounds like the wait will be well worth it. Sitting down with Rolling Stone, Zimmerman recently discussed the concept behind his newest project, which will aim to weave a storyline, rather than standalone tracks.

When questioned about the progress of the new album, Deadmau5 replied:

We’re up to 12 songs. I’m almost ready to push the button on, like, the first one of two on a double CD, or maybe just two releases instead of having to wait. But then you’ve got the label stuff to go through, so it always takes a minute, even after you finish the last track. You need lead-in time and stuff, so it’s around the corner.

Asked about what to expect, the mau5 was not too forthcoming, explaining that he prefers to leave his music up to interpretation.

I hate to do it, but if I had to pin a name like, “sounds like,” it’s kind of like the Radiohead thing with “Codex.” It’s a beautiful song, but it’s open to interpretation. So it’s that kind of thing – could be a beautiful thing, could be a dark, scary thing. I like that kind of mystery around it. There’s really no premise that I had in mind, saying, “I designed it to be this way and therefore it is.”

According to Deadmau5, fans should expect a concept album of sorts. With each song, he aims to create a particular mood that fits with the storyboard. In addition, he hinted at the possibility of a film.

Here’s the thing with this particular project, and the one following, is that I’m following a storyline. I’m really following a plot, so there are moments in the story where I’m really thinking, “I gotta create a certain atmosphere” . . . We’re really, really going storyboard with this thing. We’ve got some writers who’ve written some amazing things working on a script for a show.

So, obviously, we have things in mind. We’re making all things accountable, like, “OK, what if we include film rights to a deal with something?” It has to lend itself to that.

When asked about when this show would possibly go on tour, Deadmau5 replied:

We’re looking at fall 2014, maybe. Tonight we’ll be bringing out a couple of robots – we’ll try some things in small pieces here and there, just to make sure it works. But I think there’s going to be a point where we end up renting a venue for a month and then doing the whole show in the venue and just do rehearsal and setup for a month.

However, the mau5 is not afraid to let it take as much time as it needs to get ready.

If it takes until spring 2015, that’s OK. Why not do it right? I feel like the last few tours that I’ve done – which I’m not saying they were shit and totally fell short of my expectations – but there was always some element of, “Oh, I wish we had more time to do an A or B and really think something through.” So this is now that time, because it was always a rush to keep the business going and grow as a company as well.

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