In the era of online dating speciality websites have popped off. Animal lovers, conspiracy theorists, and stoners all have their own niche in the online dating scene. Finally, EDM lovers everywhere have a turn to shine in the sphere of digital love.

I’ve heard it said that ‘a couple who raves together stays together’. Well, now this phrase can be put to the litmus test with EDM Date, a dating site for ravers looking for some online love. Seriously though, this one made me check my calendar to make sure it wasn’t April Fool’s Day.

From what I can gather, this site is just like any other dating site, except for people who really care about raving… like, really, really, care about raving. Tired of your significant other complaining about you coming home in the wee hours of the morning still turnt up from that big show? Or are you just looking to find Molly? (the girl, not the drug). Then apparently there’s a solution for you…

What baffles me though is that there’s dating website based around an activity that inherently is about bringing people together… That and casual sex. So if you want to find someone who’s into paying $500 for a festival ticket, (or maybe paying for yours instead) EDM Date may be your best bet.

The profile creation stuff is pretty generic, mentioning very little about rave essentials such as spirithood animal preference, pounds of kandi owned, or favorite pill type. I’d personally like to see some artist to song matching placement tests and a test for ability to distinguish obscure genres in EDM. Even as someone who’s not looking for anybody, I’m very tempted to get my own EDM Date profile and see how many of the rave hunnies come flockin’… Or not.

Go find you some EDM love here with EDM Date