The Lawrence brothers have skyrocketed with success from their latest album, ‘Settle’, which has caused fans to ooze over their lustful yet classy electronic beat. Let’s not forget to mention the lyrics to each track that grasp your attention, like ‘Latch’ or ‘F For You,’ which connect to your sensitive side; something that you may have never felt before when listening to dance music.

Now Disclosure has released a track that they have worked on with the one and only, Nile Rodgers. They have also brought Jimmy Napes and Sam Smith to join in on this musical venture to create ‘Together.’

By just hearing all their names in the same sentence I already knew ‘Together’ was going to be nothing short of a perfect track. Excitedly, I pressed play and first phrase out of my mouth was… ‘WOW, THIS IS AMAZING!’ You can clearly identify the unique combination of elements in ‘Together’ that each person displays. Disclosure create a lively and seductive beat, while Rodgers plays the smooth and groovy sounds of his guitar in the background. Smith’s tasteful vocals allow you to connect deeper with the beat and ultimately, ‘Together’ they all have created a track that can not be topped by anyone else.

Listen to the track here!