When we think of nightclubs, we think of chicks, booze, partying, and sometimes waking up with a massive hangover. As I read this title I could not help but to think how the electronic music scene has grown so fast, which has ultimately made a huge impact on kids all across the country. Ellissa Freeman, a 13 year old DJ who goes by the name of DJ Elle Morgan, has created her own exclusive nightlife party called Elle’s House in Woodland, Texas for the ages of 9-15 year olds. DJ Elle told ABC Local, “I only play for 21 and up. I thought it’d give my younger fans a chance to hear me!” This young star has a good amount of popularity on her Facebook page, which she fills with different video clips from events, pictures from Borgore, Steve Aoki, and many more.

We typically think that many parents would be mind-boggled by this idea; hence most parents are even hesitant to leave their children for gatherings with friends at a local spot during the day. On the other hand we see some different responses as Candance Boswell said, “I wasn’t sure at first, either, and now that I’ve been here, I know that I will definitely bring my kids back here.”

“I think it’s safer… than hanging out at somebody’s house,” parent Katie Guthrie said. “I don’t know if there are parents there or not; at least here I know it’s supervised, and there are police officers outside.”

We can say this is not your typical ‘club’ atmosphere. There is definitely no alcohol. The kids can dance; munch on chips, pizza, and soda. In addition, there will be security as stated, “There is security at the door. Parents also must sign their children in and out and leave emergency contact information.”

Give this young girl a few more years and she will definitely be marking her spot in the scene. Whose to say its young to dream big, right? On the flip side, what are your thoughts on this nightclub for these young children?

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Source: abclocal.go.com