Calvin Harris threatens to sue BBC for libel in a story featured on Radio 1’s Newsbeat. In the story, Calvin Harris appears to condone DJs pre-recording sets, although he claims to have never said such a thing.

“The audio where I say [that] doesn’t fucking exist and I don’t know ANY DJ that actually does that.”

In the Newsbeat story published on November 20, entitled, “Do superstar Djs just press ‘Go’ on their live shows?”, Harris is quoted as saying,

“I think it’s not a problem. In the club you want to hear a produced piece of music, you want to hear the bass, you want to hear it as good as it can sound.”

However, the ambiguity in the article does not make it clear what exactly Harris is commenting on, whether it is full pre-recorded DJ sets, or merely the act of being a traditionally defined ‘DJ’.

Infuriated Harris took to twitter his outrage, claiming that the interviewer changed the wording in his question in order to make him look bad.

“Fucking raging with this Newsbeat guy. I remember the interview and his stupid fucking question ‘Is it OK for DJs to play records?’ Then he’ll change his question in the edit to ‘Is it OK to PRE-RECORD a DJ set’ and use my answer to a DIFFERENT QUESTION?!”

After receiving many negative messages regarding his comments, Harris insists that BBC release the actual interview in order to clear his name; and if his name is not cleared, Harris is looking into ‘taking action’ against BBC for the libel.

Although BBC has not yet commented on the issue, a source closely related to Newsbeat is standing by the quotations, saying they are not misused or out of context.


Source: theguardian