Trap music aficionados who attended Escape From Wonderland this past fall were in for a treat. Rising stars and brothers in arms Ookay and Kennedy Jones teamed up for a back-to-back set at the Insomniac event based in San Bernardino, California. Gracing the stage with a performance that eschewed the standards in festival DJing, Ookay and Kennedy Jones brought both new and old original tracks to the table. Escape From Wonderland was the first performance for both artists to perform under Insomniac‘s high-flying banner, as their careers have both truly taken off within the last year. Participants at Escape From Wonderland readily acknowledge the stellar tag team antics of these two, with Kennedy Jones himself admitting “even Tiesto I wouldn’t have vibed with like that!” See the whole look into Ookay and Kennedy Jones at Escape From Wonderland after the jump.