The man behind Celldweller, aka Klayton, composed the original score for the epic Black Star Act One: Purified project. This dual venture consists of not only a sick electronic EP, but the music goes with an eBook written by Joshua Viola. Klayton wanted the musical story to be put down in writing instead of simply creating the music and leaving it at that. The Sci-Fi adventure is a great read, so I suggest putting it on your list.
Both mediums do justice to each other; the music says everything the words do plus more, but the images the book produces in the reader allow for a more concrete visualization of the story. Musically, the sound can be very experimental, but dubstep and drum & bass are some of the more conventional styles you will encounter. Ambient and metal find there way into a lot of the score which works really well being coupled with the story. My favorite tracks are “Purified” and “Retros” but make sure to listen to the whole project and if you dig, then grab the eBook!
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