If you have frequented our site over the past year you may have noticed or attended one of our digital music events hosted over on Mixify.com. Mixify, one of the prominent forces behind interactive live streaming, are back once again to cap off an amazing year with their forthcoming festival, Unity 2.  Unity 2 is the 2nd annual digital festival that seeks to unite artists, blogs, and fans from around the world to celebrate a mutual love of electronic music. In addition to the music, Unity 2  is partnering with UNICEF to raise $5,000 for Philippines disaster relief efforts to help those in need after the recent typhoon. With over 9.5 million affected and 600,000 displaced, the aid UNICEF provides, whether it be through food, shelter, or medical attention, is of immeasurable value.

Unity 2 is slated to launch December 17th, and is set to provide non-stop live streaming from artists representing all genres of EDM. The lineup is currently undisclosed but make sure to check back for further updates and information.

For more information regarding Mixify and UNICEF follow the links below:

Mixify | UNICEF