Vice magazine’s THUMP outlet released a 30 minute documentary highlighting a night in the life of EDM fans and superstars with Blackout: Sex, Hugs & EDM. The film takes you on a journey from the pre-game all the way to the after party while following artists like Cajmere, Clockwork, Above & Beyond and many more. If you ever want someone to get an unbiased idea of the culture that we have immersed ourselves in then this film will do just that.
The vale is lifted and what we see is a culture that is just as complex and unique as any other. Sex and drugs always come to mind with outsiders (and even insiders) but this film does a great job of not glorifying or downplaying those concepts and instead, they show them in a casual manner that mirrors everyday life. Let’s face it, all walks of life partake, but our culture is always magnified for various reasons.
Blackout portrays the goal of experience; living our lives to the fullest and connecting with others via the medium of music. The film shows nightlife from various places all around the world while also proving that we’re not all that much different. So enjoy the cinematically superb creation that is coupled with some of dance music’s biggest tracks.