Avicii‘s name has been coming up a lot lately because of all the recap lists touching on “Wake Me Up” but today he is here because of his new music video for “Hey Brother.” The heavily acoustic single from the True album features Dan Tyminski on the All-American vocals, although he is officially un-credited. The video was released via Avicii’s youtube channel under Universal Music AB.
The “Hey Brother” music video is just as touching as the song is and probably even more so for military families. The importance of family and love are held on a pedestal in this high quality visual production. The montage of images portrays life as it would be for two brothers in the 50’s and in more modern times. Many of the depictions will hit home with older folks and to be honest, they may even dig the song. The video ends with Avicii himself in a field, but they do it in an ever so cinematic way. On a concluding note, I’d like to give a shout out to all of our active duty members; we love and support you.
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