Nick Van De Wall better known by his stage name, Afrojack has had a highly successful and controversial year. This year alone, we saw the release of van de Wall’s documentary, March of the Afrojack, as well as a slew of single releases and the announcement of his own personal clothing line with G-Star Raw. In a recent interview Afrojack shed some light on a wide variety of topics including, his upcoming work, the making of his documentary, as well as giving insight into his creative decisions and naming creative collaborators. 

Afrojack revealed that his upcoming album will be completed very soon as well as the fact that it has been co-produced by DJ Buddha and Polow Da Don.  Praising both artists as excellent creative types, Afrojack goes on to say that he has been too busy to show any of the material out, or let it be played by his DJ colleagues. He goes on to speak about finding his creative balance to appease hardcore fans and general listeners both in production and live sets. “I have a really wide array of fans. I have my “Give Me Everything” fans, but I also have my make-fun-of-all-those-drunk-tweeting fans, and I also have my underground-“No Beef” fans. And when I do a show at a festival of 20,000, 80,000 people, I have to make sure that every one of them thinks that was so cool.”

Source: Do Androids Dance