Monday is the usual day for more moombahton, which is just what Kapo is serving up with his free Viva La Moombah Tres EP. The three track release features collaborations with De Oro, Chooky and DJ Bounz for some full on 110 madness. Kapo has previously released two other Viva La Moombah EP‘s via, but if you are interested you can get them via Facebook along with the third one.
First we start with “Jerk” which is heavily drenched in that traditional sound we love to hear. Dembow and all, this one will get you off your feet, but please don’t start jerking to this. De Oro and “No Puedes” come next with what is probably my favorite track on the release. A more gritty, bass heavy sound is implemented in it that just makes me wanna lose it and get hyphy. It is too much fun packed into one song and I cannot get enough of it. Concluding the EP is the hybrid “F**k Me I’m Famous.” A lot of moombah tracks are including sections that scream twerk and I have to say the two styles (and attitudes from each genre) work well together. For the most part you will get the dembow though, so don’t dismay. Kapo and friends kill it with another incredible installment of Viva La Moombah. Could we have another one on the horizon? Stay tuned!
Free Download