Whoever the marketing team for Martin Solveig and Laidback Luke‘s “Blow” is should get some sort of medal. After a string of commercials advertising the spray of life with Olli Springer (Dillon Francis), Bruce Luke and Cheyen (Martin), the music video for the Spinnin’ Records track has been released today. I have to admit the track is extremely fun and is one of the only tunes I can dig from the label that puts out monotonous big room.
Although this falls in that genre, there’s something about it that sets it apart. It may have to do with the amazing music video that went all out just as the marketing team did. The video starts off with the duo telling of how they came up with the concept that turned into a dance craze that spread like wildfire throughout the world. Previous footage from the commercials is thrown into the montage of images as well as other “news” film and fan submission videos. A whole cache of EDM producers have cameos and even Sway and Perez Hilton get some airtime. Enjoy the spray of life by getting your fix of “Blow” right here.