What a year it’s been. Now that we’re almost near the end and able to look back, 2013 was certainly the year of Disclosure. Their debut Settle was a confident, unprecedented debut with vast mainstream and critical appeal. Now, just a smidgeon away from Christmas, the brothers have released a special edition of Settle. It contains the original tracks with selected remixes from the Settle and Control EP. Also it contains Together, the great Nile Rodgers collaboration and the track Apollo. It’s a great, festive bumper package at 36 tracks and it’s impossible to review every track.

So here are a few favourites:

Help Me Lose My Mind (SOHN Remix)

This track is a real beauty. Taking the wistful and dreamlike qualities of the original, SOHN creates a melancholy soundscape with chopped, pitched vocals and warm synths. It’s hypnotic.

Latch (DJ Premier)

The legendary DJ Premier creates a soulful, laid back version of Latch, without compromising on Sam Smith’s amazing vocal effort on this one. Very chill and very good.

Together feat. Nile Rodgers, Sam Smith and Jimmy Napes

You wouldn’t think it would you? Nile Rodgers and Disclosure getting down with some funky UK garage. But it works. It works pretty damn well. As always Nile’s guitar riffs are top quality while Disclosure provide some brilliant wobbly baselines.

White Noise (HudMo Remix)

You know this one. It’s an absolutely ingenious reworking of one of the greatest pop songs released this year, the track that any college girl worth her salt will drunkenly request at any party. A quirky rework of the track’s riff and HudMo’s usual cracking percussion, makes for some fantastic sounds.

You & Me (Flume Remix)

One of the final remixes included also happens to be one of the best. It’s heavenly anarchy with some brilliant strings finishing it off.

But with the source material being so good, it’s no wonder so many felt inspired to create something different. Plus, the rest of the remixes are also pretty damn good, including the fantastic old school reworking of When A Fire Starts To Burn. Not forgetting the Preditah Stimulation remix!

Just buy the album and remixes on iTunes: