About 7 months ago, sssShawnnnn, a California based mashup artist, released a widely popular video on YouTube titled “Pizza Rolls.” It was a metal meets EDM live mashup that was incredibly unique and impressive. In the video, sssShawnnnn sampled 53 tracks and played electric guitar over them, making the mashup quite interesting compared to a lot of other videos. Now he’s back at it again with the release of his amazing sequel “Mac ‘N Cheese.” The new live mashup is unlike any other on YouTube; sssShawnnnn not only sampled a mind blowing 134 tracks, but he also experimented with random items like a 7-Eleven Slurpee cup, a Yan Yan Vanilla Cream Dip, a Rubik’s Cube (which he solves), an Xbox 360 controller, and a PS3 Controller. From the insane sampling to the epic game controller piano solo, “Mac ‘N Cheese” is sure to impress. Check out the video below!

And here’s his Metal/EDM mashup just in case you haven’t seen it already: